The IEEE Region 8 Student and Young Professional Congress 2016 is


People who already registered can find important information about our cancelation policy and Visa confirmation letters below. Please read it carefully.

Payment must be completed until 10 June 2016 CEST. It is important that the transfer is made as soon as possible, as your registration is only confirmed and your place reserved once we received the money. Please note that there is a limited amount of 400 participants. If you pay per wire transfer, please keep in mind, that you have to cover all additional transaction costs.

You are free to cancel your registration at any point, but keep in mind the refunding policy:
Cancellation fee until 10 May 2016: 25€
Cancellation fee until 10 June 2016: 50€
After 10 June 2016 no refund is possible

Transaction costs for the cancelation must be paid by the participant. If the those costs are higher than the refunded amount of money, it's not possible to refund any money to the participant.
If there is any issue with the registration, please contact the VDE Conference Service ( directly.

All participants who need a Visa Confirmation Letter are requested to send an email providing the information below to the VDE Conference Service ( with the subject "SYP - Confirmation letter for VISA application". Please note, that visa application letters will be sent only after your registration is completed: Full Name, Company, Date of Birth, Passport No., Date of Expiry (Passport), Date of Issue (Passport), Place of Issue (Passport).

Very important: In case of a VISA rejection the normal refund policy applies. As soon as the registration is submitted and the payment is completed (either by yourself or funded by IEEE Region 8), a confirmation letter will be provided. Apply for VISA as soon as possible. The refund policy is strict and no exceptions will be made. Please find more information about the VISA application here.
If you want to attend to the SYP you have to be an IEEE Member and provide accurate data. If your provided data is invalid (e.g. wrong member number) we reserve the right to cancel your order and apply our refund policy.