OTH Regensburg

Founded in 1971, Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg (OTH Regensburg) is one of the largest Universities of Applied Science in Bavaria with more than 14.500 students. The particular focus is on technical study programmes, with around 70 % of students enrolling for mathematical, natural science and engineering courses. OTH Regensburg works closely with numerous business enterprises. Cooperation with industry in the region also plays a major role in teaching and research. Modern service facilities, an award-winning library and numerous laboratories all provide key support for successful studies at OTH Regensburg.

OTH Regensburg Campus

OTH Regensburg enjoys 177 partnerships with international universities in 55 countries and occupies a top position in international student mobility among Bavarian universities of applied sciences. Additionally, OTH Regensburg offers video lectures for their students. Such cooperations with experts from universities in Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Malaysia, New Zealand and others enable an even wider field for offered classes.

In autumn 2012 the institute was ranked first in the International Student Barometer comparing 188 leading universities in student recommendation, learning options, student support and quality of life for students.

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Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics

Two years after founding OTH Regensburg the Computer Science diploma course started. Another year later the third diploma major for Mathematics at an University of Applied Sciences in Germany was founded. Therefore, in 2013 and 2014, the four-decade anniversary of Informatics and Mathematics at OTH Regensburg was celebrated. Today, nearly 2,000 students are enrolled at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. The Computer Science School in the Department is ranked as runner-up in the Graduate Barometer 2014, which compared departments of all kinds in various universities in Germany. CHE ranking, all the departments’s Computer Science degrees are ranked as the very best.

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